Meet Sky Meta, the Builders Behind Your GameFi Management Infrastructure

We provide the management tools you’ll need for efficient management of GameFi operations and assets.

Blockchain-based gaming is providing a new source of income for gamers. We’ve already seen how this has brought a positive impact to communities in Southeast Asia and Latin America. More opportunities are expected to emerge.

Major investors are already capitalizing on this phenomenon. In 2021, private blockchain and NFT gaming companies raised US$3.6 billion, according to research published by Drake Star Partners. Meanwhile, GameFi projects — play-to-earn blockchain games that offer financial incentives — ​​are luring talented developers from major game studios.

We founded our own NFT gaming guild in May 2021 with over 700 scholars who play Axie Infinity, Cyball, Pegaxy, Thetan Arena, and Splinterlands, and a community that is continuously growing and thriving. With this type of hands-on experience, we were able to identify pain points that gaming guilds and other participants experienced.

This led us to evolve Sky Meta into a project that supports GameFi investors and players. While we still run our guild, we are also creating the tools that will make it easier to manage operations and incentives in the GameFi ecosystem. Our solutions solve problems for all stakeholders in this sector.

Sky Meta Offers a Pathway to Success in GameFi

Sky Meta has identified four key themes in the current state and future trajectory of GameFi.

First, we believe that play-to-earn (P2E) games will shift drastically from click-and-earn games to skill-based titles. Players will have to develop a deep understanding of the gaming mechanics and may even require additional training.

Second, game guilds are growing fast — almost too fast. As more sophisticated and complex games are developed, guilds may find it difficult to manage their members. For guild operations to run smoothly, it is crucial to track the metrics of their members so incentives can be designed based on performance.

Third, GameFi guilds and investors lack useful data that would generate insights about guild and asset management.

Fourth, many GameFi projects do not have NFT management features integrated into their game that can be utilized by guilds and NFT investors.

With those points in mind, we have set out to create services that make it easier for all types of participants to operate in the GameFi space. Gamers and guilds of all scales can harness Sky Meta’s tools to maximize their earning efficiency. This will also make it easier for GameFi projects to attract guilds and NFT investors to join their ecosystems, and even lure newcomers into the metaverse.

Sky Meta’s key offerings include a guild platform that gives guild managers useful tools for directing day-to-day operations, an NFT management SDK for blockchain game developers, NFT oracle and analytics tools that provide pricing and other data about a users’ portfolios, and a launchpad for token offerings, NFT drops, and more. Plus, Sky Meta runs an NFT asset management program for clients who wish to mobilize their assets.

Sky Meta’s Core Team

Alexander Tsun, Co-Founder and Head of Business Development, is an entrepreneur who has built two successful companies, Tane Residence and Sky Meta. In 2018, Alexander ventured into the crypto industry and developed a strong passion for crypto trading, DeFi and GameFi over the last four years.

Chris Tsun, Co-Founder and Head of Gaming, is a life-long video game enthusiast with almost 10 years of entrepreneurial experience. Chris previously worked in traditional finance, specifically on the buy-side and in investment banking. He is passionate about applying what he has learned over the years while drawing upon his understanding of video games to make it easier for people to participate in GameFi.

Chanut Sriphyak, Co-Founder and Head of Gaming Research, has spent over 10 years in traditional banking and leading project management for financial platforms. A dreamer at heart with a commitment to empower others, Chanut sees GameFi as an opportunity to change the lives of other people for the better.

Michael Reed, Chief Technology Officer, is a serial entrepreneur with over two decades of experience in creating disruptive technology and global distributed platforms. Michael is applying his experience of working with e-sports businesses and social networks to the play-to-earn gaming ecosystem. He is also leveraging experience with blockchain smart contracts from previous projects to accelerate the development of secure play-to-earn platforms.

Our Roadmap

We’re preparing to launch our token, $SKYM, in Q2 2022, while we’re also looking to beta release our NFT management SDK, multi-guild support platform, and phase 1 of our NFT oracle and analytical tools in the same quarter. We’re also gearing up to add support for Cyball and many other exciting games alongside Axie Infinity.

Afterwards, we’ll be releasing even more features for guilds, investors, and scholars, such as a research platform and launchpad for NFTs and tokens. To keep up with our developments, join our Discord server, follow us on Twitter, and come say hi on Telegram.

About Sky Meta

Sky Meta is an NFT gaming guild and a pioneer in management solutions for game NFTs. In addition to being a guild, Sky Meta is building a suite of accessible tools on its platform to make it easy for anyone to build and scale their own guild.

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