Whether you’re a game designer, a guild manager, or a scholar, Sky Meta’s community is here to support you. The GameFi tools we’re building are aimed at building a large community and to help spur faster GameFi adoption. Our tools are being built to help all stakeholders in this sector.

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Sky Meta believes that every scholar should have the opportunity to earn, so we gamified the platform experience for scholars in the form of real-world bounties/quests. We plan to offer rewards to our bounty scholars with the help of our community partners.


The Software Development Kit (SDK) provides the logic for bridging solutions to common issues for both sponsors and scholars. With this kit, games can add NFT management features into their game faster and get it to the market. Guilds can readily onboard scholars and delegate NFTs to them.


Sky Meta’s features supports and helps guilds and NFT investors to allow a scholarship model, resolving the need for a complicated model for back-end support. Sky Meta’s expertise allows guilds and NFT investors to easily manage and delegate their NFTs.