Guild Alliance

Our guild alliance is a group of like minded guilds that help invest in and promote successful GameFi projects. Interested to join our alliance?


The guild alliance is part of Sky Meta’s initiative to help support GameFi projects by finding like minded guilds to invest in games together, and also help promote the game. We want to help build stronger communities and build adoption for the Gamefi ecosystem. 

Any guild can join and we welcome you to grow your community of scholars through our network. Guilds with at least 100 people in their community will be favoured by game developers for extra benefits

Fill out our form located here:

Remember to give us your telegram handle so we can create a group. 

  • FREE NFTs for games we work with that you can then offer to your community. 
  • Large discounts and deals from games
  • Investment cooperation and community building
  • Marketing visibility throughout the Sky Meta Ecosystem

Volunteer to promote the games within your community and on your social media channels (Twitter, Facebook, Discord, Telegram, etc).

Guild Alliance Members