🤝 Sky Meta x Morfyus League🤝

We are happy to announce a new partnership @morfyusleague🔥Morfyus League is a play2earn blockchain gaming guild committed to our community of players. Bridging the metaverse, one player at a time.

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Hey Sky Meta, fam! 🥳

Follow our official social media accounts to stay updated every time we have a new post and announcements! 🙌

📱: https://www.facebook.com/gaming/skymetagaming
📸: https://www.instagram.com/skymetagaming/
🌐: https://skymeta.io/

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📣Top News, CEBG Public Beta starting now!!

🤑300,000$CEG and tons of surprises are calling

👾The brutal battleground requests your tear, blood and joy!
Join DC Battle Field channel, mystery rewards await

Go & ROCK!
#Giveaway #DeNet
📍Click https://h5.denetme.net/luckdraw/9a3e46e1d12046f686b6fc26d0c62613 to draw

AMA Session with @itheum

Where: Sky Meta's Discord Server: https://discord.gg/bHeuZtWh
When: NOVEMBER 25 (Friday) 12:00 PM (UTC)

Exciting prizes awaits you!

See you & don't forget your questions!

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