Product Suite Explainer: Sky Meta’s Guild Management Platform and the Tech Behind It

The platform can automate payments and track scholars’ performance, providing investors and guild owners with an efficient management system.

As the GameFi industry evolves, Sky Meta is advancing forward with it, providing the necessary tools for guilds and game developers to succeed. Sky Meta has developed beyond just a gaming community, also serving as a solutions provider for the entire GameFi ecosystem. We’re building NFT management & analytical tools for game developers, gamers, and guild owners, to better delegate rewards and NFTs. We also provide game research that incorporates useful data about games. Our NFT oracle allows guilds to better understand GameFi and formulate plans of action.

Sky Meta is a full-service platform providing solutions for the entire P2E ecosystem, with automated platform solutions for guild management and tracking, game development SDKs that provide management solutions, and a fully immersive, identity-driven platform for scholars to stand out among peers.

Sky Meta’s Experience in Guild Management

Sky Meta founded its own NFT gaming guild in May 2021 and has since built a vibrant community of over 750 scholars, each with their own needs. With this experience, we were able to identify pain points that gaming guilds and other participants experienced, chief among which are management issues as guilds look to scale. You can read more about how Sky Meta supports games, GameFi investors, and players through our ​​NFT Management SDK in this article.

Sky Meta’s Guild Management Platform
With a number of features, Sky Meta’s guild management platform sets itself apart from the competition. Our platform will use a scorecard system, that will automate payments based on performance as opposed to a flat rate. It is designed to reward scholars who perform well and encourage others to improve their gameplay. This unique system helps guilds monitor their players so that those who play consistently are rewarded properly, further incentivizing the scholars to push for more.

Our platform also features a unique “Build to Earn” multi-layer referral system to help guilds retain top talent. This allows guilds to give top-performing scholars a sense of ownership by offering a referral fee whenever they recruit new members. These rewards are issued even if the new recruit plays a different game. This allows scholars to build a network across all the games that will be released in the future and build their own community within the larger Sky Meta community.

Sky Meta’s guild management platform will also automate and track the training of scholars so that underperforming scholars can seek help from other guild members. All the data we collect, such as their scholar performance metrics, earnings, and attendance, will then be used to create scorecards that guilds can use to make better decisions.

Scholars also have access to these scores, which can be used as references if they one day decide to join another guild. Our goal is for the Sky Meta platform to be a place where scholars can build their GameFi identity, and one that provides a quality user experience for both admins and users alike.

Our guild management platform was designed with safety and security as our top priority. For example, we will offer two different ways for guilds to handle automated payments because of concerns regarding the handling of private keys. We’ve spoken with numerous guilds and realized that a variety of options are needed to suit many guilds’ needs. More information about the various payment options will be released in the future.

Sky Meta’s Partnerships
As we work to design solutions to help users, guilds, and projects navigate the growing GameFi industry, we’re thrilled to have already partnered with several amazing organizations.

If you’re a guild and interested in using our platform, sign up today!

Sky Meta’s multi-guild system is designed to help gamers and guilds maximize their potential and, ultimately, make GameFi accessible for everyone. We understand the difficulties that guilds face, and we want them to run as efficiently as possible, which is exactly what our guild management platform will help them do.

In the future, we plan to offer white label services to build customized platforms for guilds and brands. More information about that will be released at a later date. To keep up with our developments, join our Discord server, follow us on Twitter, and come say hi on Telegram.

About Sky Meta

Sky Meta is an NFT gaming guild and a pioneer in management solutions for game NFTs. In addition to being a guild, Sky Meta is building a suite of accessible tools on its platform to make it easy for anyone to build and scale their own guild.

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