The Web 3 Multiverse: CYBERSTELLA

Cyberstella is a game made by Murasaki, a team composed of serial entrepreneurs and experts in the crypto scene. Cyberstella is built under the Avalanche blockchain and promises a unique take on web 3 gaming. Cyberstella is a game not just driven by its economy, but rather, it is a game that takes every aspect into account to make the game more exciting and desirable. Thus, the game’s core concept is given life by their community’s NFT, also known as “Crews.”

Their concept is somewhat similar to the idea of a multiverse, where every character or each Crew is independent. That means each player could create their own story inside the Cyberstella universe. Although an independent story, mixes, collabs, and offshoots can happen, which makes the game more unpredictable. 

Apart from the game being the primary medium to deliver the story, the team is also working towards making manga, anime, and webtoons to scale their operations. These mediums’ stories are completely community-driven, as each story could feature a Crew of community members. A unique aspect of each Crew inside Cyberstella is that each player is encouraged to make a background story for each one, giving players the freedom to be a villain or a hero, thus, if a Crew is selected to become part of, let’s say, the Manga series, the character will revolve around the background story the player has created, giving the series more twists and turns in the future. 


The world of Cyberstella began in the year 2020. It is the year when explorers started to embark on a journey toward space, leading the world to new adventures. People wore futuristic outfits with equipment to help them with their high-risk journey to the galaxies. The world is already modern and developed, and this situation is created to try and fix the disparities between people who control capital and people forced into hard labor. 

Fast forward to their first expedition, it was a success. Then the second, then the third, until space travel became accessible for everybody. Looking up, people would see several starships, which are small-time space travelers and journey vehicles run by a public transportation conglomerate. 

The world of Cyberstella has gone far. Starting in the year 2020, where they began embarking on a journey until 2222, the age of Cyberstella. What is next for Cyberstella? Well, that’s for the players to decide and create their own adventure. 


The Beginning

To start your adventure in Cyberstella, you must get yourself a Crew NFT. You can buy one on their marketplace or mint a new NFT using their scouting feature. Each NFT is highly customizable. A player could customize the name, backstory, clothing, and equipment. Upgrading your crew is one aspect of the game that makes it exciting. Getting new parts in the store and increasing the rarity of your crew will surely up its value in the marketplace making it more desirable. Additionally, players could join their IP Manga creation to get a chance for their Crew NFT to be featured in the Manga series plus a revenue share with Cyberstella. Crew NFTs are the main centerpiece of Cyberstella’s ecosystem. Every aspect of the game revolves around it. From the Manga Series to different adventures found in the game. This makes Crew NFTs highly valuable throughout the games’ ecosystem. 

The Adventure

Players could employ their crew NFTs to embark on an adventure. This adventure will allow players to earn materials, $UCC tokens, and Scout tickets. Players will get to choose which planet they want to go to on an adventure. Naturally, as each planet is different, rewards also differ. However, embarking on an adventure comes at a cost. An hour of adventure will cost 1 energy. Players could also choose how long they want their adventure to be. A longer trip would mean more energy is consumed, but rewards will be higher. You know what they say, the higher the risk, the higher the return. Results will also depend on the total parameters of the crew. Listed below are the stats of the crew:

The crew’s vitality also decreases, the good news is, Cyberstella has an in-game state-of-the-art medical center where players could recover. Though it must be noted that to use these facilities, players must pay a fee in the form of $UCC. 



The Scouting feature inside Cyberstella is their version of breeding and minting. It is a way for players to get a new Crew using two Crews they own. To scout, the player must own two Crew NFTs with matching rarity and class and a scouting ticket, which can be obtained via adventure. Additionally, only Crews with level 5 and above will be allowed to be the ‘parent’ Crew, and each Crew NFT can only be used to scout up to 7 times. 

The result of each scout will depend on the rarity and class of the parent Crew NFT. However, there is still a small percentage that players could mint a rare Crew NFT. So don’t count your NFTs out!


From doing adventures in Cyberstella, players will be able to get resources and materials. These resources and materials could be crafted into accessories that would be helpful on your next adventure. The Factory is a generating station where this is possible. To use the Factory, players must provide $UCC to generate accessories. Though it is also worth noting that it isn’t always a success. The success probability will depend on the accessory. If it does fail, you will also lose the materials and the tokens in the process. 


$UCC (Universal Century Coin)

$UCC is an in-game token within the Cyberstella universe that can be used to recover vitality, raise crew level, craft accessories, scout, and many more activities inside the game. It has an unlimited supply that can be obtained via explorations and doing jobs in the game.

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